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Emanuel Platino

Platino Productions produces Pop, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Dance, Funk and Rock music.

Emanuel Platino is both founder and owner of Platino Productions and as such produces, arranges, composes, records and mixes music. In addition, he is a bassplayer, but he also plays the keys, guitar and percussion. Because Emanuel uses vintage equipment and also modern equipment, he is able to create productions with a "retro sound" or with a "modern sound". A combination of both sounds is also possible.

Besides producing, Emanuel is also perfectly capable of taking a rough musical draft or demo recording to the next level and make a complete and new arrangement for it. Furthermore, he is also able to contribute as a composer, if that is required. Thanks to a team of professionals that Emanuel has surrounded himself with, he can also offer an artist coaching on vocal technique and on the pronunciation of English during recording sessions. Moreover, he can deliver a complete and finished product, up to and including mixing and mastering

Finally, Emanuel has a considerably large network of musicians at his disposal, which enables him to create the right style, sound and feel for each individual song.

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Emanuel's team:

Emanuel Platino
David Clarkson
• Mastering engineer
• Recording, sound en mixing engineer
• Drummer
• Arranger

Kurt Amat
Kurt Amat
• Guitarist
• Co-writer

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